Chasing the sun 

Fate is a funny thing. I sat down on BA2337 to San Jose next to Jose from Costa Rica. We had lots in common. He follows his national football team wherever they go and misses his son too. He doesn’t drink – ok so I do. A bit. It makes the flight pass  a little quicker. Jorge was a dairy farmer but now provides financial services. He’s a realist, a globalist, and a never pissed. He smiles a lot and enthuses about his country and it’s vision. 

Awesome service from British Airways as always. Start to finish.

Nearly 4 hours in and I haven’t popped the little screen out of its holdings yet. Feels like a victory for music. And the awesome cheese they served alongside the Merlot.

I’m thinking about a heady day that would have been in Glasgow today with The Stone Roses, some flares and Glasgow’s finest. I put on Resurrection in celebration of what could have been, but right now, a hangover in Costa Rica sounds better than the last train back to Stirling.

As it happens, after a veeeeeeeerrrryyyy long wait in immigration, we’re straight to a beautiful colonial style boutique hotel called Hotel Grano de Oro and pretty much crash out. The girls don’t make it for dinner so I dine alone whilst thumbing through one of Danny Wallace’s little charmers. Food was superb and so was the wine. I retire trying to recall where I am in relation to the time I got up this morning. But for some reason it seems too complicated and I’d drift off without realising.

It’s 5am on day Two. Suns up and we’re all wide awake and excited to head off into the country for real.

#costarica #sanjose #hotelgranodeoro

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