And on the second day….

…came biblical rain. Actually it was technically the second night and it had stopped by the time we rose for our first breakfast at the waterside Manatus Hotel in Tortuguero.​ As quickly as it came, the environment had sucked up every drop and the ground was dry again. 

Set amongst sea-level rainforest, thankfully it’s the only hotel in the area with air con (we’re talking A grade humidity). 

We swam in the hot hot rain, enjoyed a trip to the sadly turtle-less beach (they’re not due until next month, selfish creatures) and got within feet of sloths, cayman and iguanas.

The mosquitos weren’t too bad in all honesty but the mind plays tricks and there’s an inescapable feeling once you’ve started scratching that you’re constantly being devoured.

The guide hadn’t seen a jaguar for 14 years so don’t go expecting to shoot your own version of Big Cat Diary. But there is so much incredible flora and fauna to see, hear and smell – but not touch. No touching.

One of the pictures below shows why the place is so damn green and humid – rain pouring whilst the sunlight bounces off the water’s surface. 

Today was a travel day, up into the hills of Central Valley to El Silencio lodge – I’m writing this as a tiny little hummingbird darts around the flowers a few feet in front of me. Don’t expect a picture – by the time I’ve picked up my camera – he’s gone again.

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