The white sands of Vienna

No really. We spent several hours sipping cocktails on a city centre beach yesterday in the sunshine. An extra dimension to the  holiday we hadn’t expected.

The sun shone all day so we thought we’d give the Danube river cruise a try. I’ve got to be honest, I’m not sure I would recommend it – of the hour and a quarter you’re on the boat, 45 minutes is taken up sat in a lock between the river and the canal. 

Still, we got to enjoy the amazing street art which is very prominent throughout the city centre, and after another tasty and good value meal, we headed out to the stadium for the gig. 

I have to make mention here of the most bizarre restaurant I think I’ve ever been in called Vapiano. I say “in” – we lasted ten minutes of confusion before up and leaving. Basically, you first take a seat outside, then inside you queue at the cash desk to obtain a card of sorts….. which you then need to charge with credit. Then you queue again at another counter to order your food – there are four different food counters so unless you all want pizza, for example, you need to queue multiple times. Then you get a buzzer to tell you when to return and pick up your food, which gives you enough time to go and queue yet again to get drinks. Still, you then get to pretend you’re a waiter by serving your own food and drinks to your table. That’s if someone else hasn’t already taken your table because you’ve been away so long queuing.

We gave up.

As ever in Vienna, travel out to and back from the Ernst Happel stadium was slick and quick and we had a brilliant night watching Coldplay (with some very dull support unfortunately) Pretty damned tired though and heads hit the pillow as soon as we were back in our hotel room.

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