Hot and happy day in Vienna

First day proper exploring Vienna and it truly is as beautiful, in parts, as they say. Very well catered for by walking, bus and river tours and the marvellous weather helped – it was proper hot. 

Needless to say we headed for the Scottish quarter (yes it’s a thing) to take in the nail biting football encounter with England. Watched in a Scottish bar with a bit of an identity crisis – selling Guinness and Bombardier Ale. And they’d run out of Irn Bru ! Sacrilege. 

Anyway Vienna is a real mix of old and new – street cafe culture in the centre is great and allows you to look up at the ever changing nature of the city’s architecture. 

Would have loved to see the Opera but we couldn’t make the times work, and the large squad of ticket sellers outside is actually a bit off putting.

We found the shopping on offer brilliant (I say we…..) and the food we ate in the city centre was great and good value – quite refreshing for a major city centre.

We retired to hotel after along day and he day finished with a lovely experience with a taxi driver who, having taken a wrong turn which took us back to where we started, reset his meter to zero. I’d have been none the wiser. 

On the drive home, the club culture down by the Danube canal looked ace – unfortunately we’re probably a bit old for it and the kids a bit young. 

Couple of drinks a gorgeous wee courtyard bar at the hotel and bed. Quality day. And that was the kids saying that.

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