Giving it a whirl

Long weekend in Vienna. Leaving the fallout of a farcical UK General Election far behind.

Early logistical details as follows.

Parked onsite at Edinburgh airport – 30 quid for four days is pretty decent. Great check-in experience at’s new T K Maxi style desks – a breeze. 

Bit of Yo Sushi leaves time for a gin and tonic then we’re on the plane for the obligatory one hour swelter  on the tarmac. Had to put on a bit of Snoop Dogg – Sweat at this point. Always easier to take on the way out though 🙂

I like Jet2 – great staff, good value on board and most importantly, the planes are cool colours. Shame they still bump around in the turbulence. Nearly wore my Jack and coke several times. Actually, they serve the devil’s mixer, their only flaw. 

The boy one is eating again….and again……and again. He’s just reminded us of the woman sat behind him a few years back on the Rocky Mountaineer who was moved to tap him on the shoulder and say “Excuse me, that pea hit my husband” Don’t ask.

Playlist included 

Comeback Kid – Kasabian

True Faith – New Order

Everybody Dance – Chic

Ray of Light – Madonna

Kids – MGMT

Sing it back – Moloko 

Guide – The Music

Heavyweight Championmof the World – Reverand and the Makers

Reload – Saint PHNX

You Can Talk to Me – The Seahorses

Lovers and Fighters – The Temperance Movement

Finished the day off with great vegan meal at Zinas. I say vegan, I had chicken but there was definitely loads of other veges in there.

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