Costa Del Sol – Does what it says on the tin

This was our first visit to the sunshine coast of Spain, flying directly to Malaga from Glasgow’s winter chill and rain, making the forty five minute car journey to Puerto Banus, jut as the sun began setting along the coast.

Having arrived and settled at the Guadalpin Banus Hotel, set in a great beach-side location around a fifteen minute walk from the main town, a nice meal was followed by a good sleep, waking to clear skies and a beautiful view.

Things were quiet with it being February, which suited us fine. Nearby resorts, beach clubs and restaurants were just starting to wake from their winter slumber, with maintenance men busy readying them for the coming season. A day trip to Marbella was the only break in our schedule of relaxation around the beach and pool. I say pool, I mean poolside – it was waaaaay too cold to take a dip with the pool not being heated.

Old Town Marbella was very traditionally pleasant and we enjoyed a loverly lunch in Orange Square, while the beachfront area felt like it could be pretty lively as the season progressed, with a huge choice of restaurants and bars. Our day-trip was too brief to make too much comment on Marbella, but we didn’t feel particularly drawn to the seaside area, albeit it there did appear to be something for everyone in busier times.

Puerto Banus itself was a great place to spend a week and looked like it could cope with the bigger crowds as the season progresses, with a variety of beach clubs, bars and eating places. An array of designer stores and constant procession of super cars are indicators that the harbour town is a favoured location for those with significant disposable income. Many of whom may well be resident on one of the many luxury yachts occupying the harbour. I have to say though, service in every restaurant we visited was excellent, no hint of the snobbery sometimes found in such an environment.

We had incredible luck with the weather – early 20s all week with not a drop of rain, so days were very pleasant and only a sweater required in the evening, as you watched the sun set over Morocco.

Special mention to Easyjet who were great…..again. Airport and flight experiences both fantastic from staff to the comfort and cleanliness of the planes themselves. Good job.

What we liked : Strolling along the boardwalk, people (and car) watching by the harbour, great choice of restaurants, wonderful and calm beaches

Not so good : food and drink went from pricey to ridiculous, hotel could do with some TLC and a heated pool, no Tapas bars !

Overall, it’s a yes from me if you’re a European looking to chill in┬ásome early season sun without venturing too far, and not working to a tight budget.




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