Arenal to Monteverde

Our trip has taken us inland to the volcanic region of Arenal, specifically the Tabacon Thermal Spa Resort. The area is a haven for adrenaline junkies and we did some fantastic zip lining up in the cloud forest canopy. 

For relaxation, the resort boasts a network of thermal pools and streams with water heater by the volcano behind it. We really enjoyed slowing down a bit and swimming in the warm rain. It rains most days at this time of year but the temperature stays pretty consistent.

From there we travelled on to Monteverde region and the Swiss Chalet style of Hotel Belmar. Beautiful spot with great food and cocktails. We had a spectacular lightning display last night and an interesting tour of the cloud forest early this morning. Our guide Bernie reckons it’s possible the cloud forest could be gone in 50 years time due to climate change. Who to believe – experts who’ve lived and worked here all their lives or Donald J Trump ? Tough one.

Sitting having lunch now having just spoken to the boy one in Mexico for the first time – he’s alive and having a great time naturally. 

Tomorrow we head back to San Jose to catch a flight down to the Osa Peninsula for an exciting finale by the sea. Bit of snorkelling hopefully 

#puravida #costarica #monteverde

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